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Häufige Fragen zu EoF
Veröffentlicht von: Gryphus am 08. 2007 um 20:41 Uhr  

When is Echoes of Faydwer being released?
The current schedule is for 14th November 2006.

Do i need the other two expansions to play this?
At present no, the idea is for EQ2 & EoF to cover 1-70 although content may be light in some areas to encourage play in the old world and expansions.

Will there be a new race?
Yes the Fae.

Will they be good or evil or both?
The Fae are a good race and as with any other "Qeynos esque" race will have access to good/neutral professions.

Will the Fae characters start in the same way as normal characters?
No the idea is for Fae to have thier own starting experience and never set foot on the isle of refuge.

So they are fairies? Will they fly?
No they are not fairies they are the Fae they share some attributes to fairies seen around Norrath but are not the same. No they wont fly but it is currently thought that they will hover slightly above the ground (they will still swim in water and will get hurt from fall damage without safefall).

So what about us evil people?
Currently you should still be able to betray your fae to become an evil class but there has been no official mention of a new evil race.

Will any other races be able to start in the new city?
It has been stated that any race which was able to start on Faydwer in classic Everquest would be able to start in New Kelethin. If true, this would mean Wood Elves, High Elves, Half Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes as well as the new Fae.

Will there be new mounts?
Yes, current rumours are a cat type mount and a clockwork mount. Clockworks are from EQ1 not copied from WoW so they fit into the lore.

So we´ll be able to get to level 80?
No there is no planned level raise with Echoes of faydwer.

So what is there for us grindaholics?
A new subclass specific Achievement system is being implemented. This will be separate from the existing achievements according to available information. There will also be a Deity worship system which will grant some special abilities and factional differences although little information is available yet.

So the gods are returning? Which ones
Yes Zebuxoruk has set things in motion for the gods return to Norrath. Current information is that the following will be available for worship at EoF launch.

1. Quellious
2. Mithanial Marr
3. Tunare

4. Brell Serilis
5. Solusek Ro

6. Innoruuk
7. Rallos Zek
8. Cazic Thule

Im a Dark elf Paladin can i worship Innoruuk?
No at present there are planned restrictions based on alignment. Exiles will either be able to worship all gods (with class restrictions still) or will only be able to choose from neutral gods, a final decision has not been reached.

Did i read something about cloaks?
Cloaks are a planned addition for the EoF expansion.

How will they work?
Currently the idea is for the cloaks to be available for all characters but with special customisable versions for guilds with specific guild level related additions.

Will we be able to upload our own logo´s?

I read a new second earring slot is coming?
Supposedly a second earring slot will be available for characters, its rumoured to be for this expansion but nothing definite so far.

I read about new armour sets what are these?
There are new armour sets that give bonuses for a complete set of the armour being worn. No other details are available as yet.

Will this include armour dye?

Will there be a guild level increase?
Yes it´s planned for the guild level to increase to 60.

So what about guild level 50 rewards?
Currently nothing known about additions to guild level 50 rewards.

Will there be guild housing?
There is nothing planned for this at present.

What about crafting?
There are currently plans for a new tinkering profession and Transmuting, the rumour is these will be in addition to your existing crafting profession. Tinkering will involve making utility items, transmuting will be breaking down items to improve others items. Transmuting will apparently be allowed on crafted and dropped items.

Should Winniewin and Monnkees be banned from creating Fae characters to protect the world from their Fae onslaught?
We can only hope.

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